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BERT strassburg.

Experienced CEO  |  VP of Human Resources

Disability Services Advocate  |  Nonprofit Leader Entrepreneur  |  Educator




"Our community is economically, racially, and culturally diverse with a high percentage of youth with special needs. His heart is in education for ALL students, and he leads staff with the perfect balance of respect and kindness, as well as accountability.  He is without a doubt the best boss I have ever worked for because he inspires and coaches me to be the best I can be for students and families every day!"  -Lead Administrator, Onamia, MN

"Mr. Strassburg was the first person that greeted us at the door when our kindergarten son started at his new school.  His enthusiasm was contagious and it made my son excited and no longer scared!  Our family has developed a strong relationship with Mr. Strassburg over the past number of years and his depth of commitment and vision for providing an excellent education for the students is highly respected in our community."  -Parent, Inver Grove Heights Community Schools

"Bert's ability to bring several people together from varying backgrounds and mindsets to achieve a common goal is astonishing.  He does an outstanding job of listening to multiple perspectives and is magically often able to build consensus - always keeping the focus on what is best for kids.  He is highly effective in all aspects of being a leader from curriculum development, employee evaluation, hiring and retaining outstanding staff, relationships with students and families and analyzing data for continuous improvement."  -Staff Member, Cedar Riverside Community School

"One of Bert's greatest strengths is his ability to build relationships through his personable and professional communications style.  He communicates well and effectively, both verbally and in writing, and is a tremendous and charismatic spokesperson for the organization - he truly believes in our organization's mission.  You feel drawn in listening to him speak about it!  He an effective public champion/voice for the organization and inspires others with stories of success!  It is important to point out that Bert demonstrates consistent respect and transparency.  The board is always kept in the loop."  -Board Chair, Keys 4/4 Kids


Bert's Leadership Blog


professional summary

My approach as an educational leader utilizes the findings of cognitive psychology, neuroscience research, and neuro-linguistic practices. Focusing on student strengths and designing pedagogy that gifts all students with the ability to tap into both the conscious and unconscious mind is the true purpose of education and provides the conditions necessary for high intellectual performance. My belief is that school needs to be an oasis where racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, and religious discrimination are all eliminated and are no longer a barrier to having the support and learning necessary to achieve self-actualization.


Educational systems, both past and present, are primarily based on “conditioning the conscious mind”.  Yet research has proven for years that 95 percent of our brain activity is unconscious.  This means that a majority of the decisions we make, the language we use, the actions we take, our emotions, and behaviors, depend on the 95 percent of brain activity that lies beyond conscious awareness.  Tapping into the unconscious mind is necessary for self-actualization.  Defined, self-actualization is the realization or fulfillment that every persona has inherent talents and potentialities, a drive to live a life of learning. This means that ALL students WANT to learn - marginalized students cannot be excluded.  Every human is given a promissory note that they have an intrinsic desire to gain knowledge and live a more fulfilling life.  This belief or rather this knowledge creates the critical foundation for educational transformation.


2018 - Present


Executive Director

Direct the development and administration of organizational programs and services for a nonprofit urban charter school serving a diverse, multilingual, and cross-cultural population.  Select, hire, and mentor diverse leadership teams, inspiring the design of innovative programming to develop youth empowerment, civic engagement, and global citizenship. Create budgets that align with organizational priorities and ensure compliance with all government and agency reporting requirements. 

2017 - 2018


Executive Director

Developed and deployed data-informed operational, programing, and funding strategies for a national nonprofit supporting youth arts and music mentorship. Built fundraising capacity and brand awareness through marketing and sponsorship. Streamlined and led payroll, accounting, human resources, facility, finance, program development and public relations processes and championed a community-focused culture to improve service levels. Oversaw operations of the organization’s multi-state retail stores. Analyzed and interpreted data, creating reporting to assist the board in business strategy decisions. Rebuilt board relationships with senior leadership and generated consensus and excitement around future direction.

2016 - 2017


Interim Executive Director

Selected to transform a struggling nonprofit suburban charter school, ushering it from near closure to a productive institution with a positive tone and climate rendering positive community impact. Improved board infrastructure, revitalized strategy, bolstered funding capacity, and optimized operations, financial and budget management, and public relations efforts. Strengthened department of education and government agency relationships, resolving issues and piloting a positive culture to support growth.

2014 - 2016



Directed the birth-to-adult academic programming and administration for a school district in a racially, culturally, and socioeconomically diverse rural community. Led special programming for an alternative school for adolescent and emerging adults with emotional, mental, and behavioral needs. Maintained budgets and oversaw the appropriate allocation of resources to advance educational priorities, and spearheaded 15+ grant programs to support programming that addressed mental, emotional, and social issues. 



Director of Elementary Instruction/Principal

Designed and deployed educational strategy for early learning, standard elementary and special needs programming. Orchestrated professional development and training for staff to support the delivery of district and board objectives. 

Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Supervised the creation and implementation of birth-to-adult curriculum and instruction, testing and assessment, equity and integration, and gifted services. Oversaw the professional development of educators, grant writing, and the execution of human resources activities. 


University of St. Catherine


Organizational Leadership

"The MBA with a conscious".  This degree program was pivotal in providing me with the foundations of modern leadership focusing on the need for leaders to be research-based, people-centered, and purpose/value driven in this global landscape. 

The University of Arizona Global Campus


Teaching & Learning with Technology

I chose this degree program because I wanted to have an even larger impact on adult learning through the design and implementation of engaging and relevant professional development through the use of technology 

University of St. Thomas


K-12 Administration (Principal & Superintendent Licensure)

Without question this degree program provided me with the foundation necessary to make a tremendous impact on organizations, communities, and lives. 

St. Cloud State University


K-12 Instrumental and Classroom Music Education



Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my leadership.  I'm currently located in the United States (MN).  Feel free to get in touch with me via email at:

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